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BestLife | Youth Leadership Development

A community of young adults where we support each other and stretch ourselves
in order to grow and learn. Choose to live your best life.

BestLife Talks Event

One Saturday to change your year and influence your life.

Add our annual BestLife Talks Event to your calendar! Join us for the chance to learn from other young adults and build your network of likeminded and ambitious individuals. We are looking for motivated young adults between the ages of 14-24 to attend, volunteer or even present at this event! Learn about leadership, communication and  skills to advance your professional, academic and personal life! 

Learn to live your BestLife and sign up today! 


**We have limited spots and scholarships available for participants.


Date: Saturday | January 13, 2024

Time: 9AM-3PM
Location: Gilbert, Arizona

BestLife Community

One Saturday to change your year and influence your life.

Join a growing network of like-minded individuals that want to continue growing outside of the traditional classroom. You will be able to participate in virtual meet-ups and gain access to a library of online resources as well as early access to our monthly newsletter! We also offer one on one mentorship for members of the BestLife Community.


**Now thru the rest of 2023, joining the BestLife Community will be completely free as we try to make it accessible and welcoming for everyone.


Who: Anyone who wants to learn new skills and grow their network

When: We will be hosting bi-monthly meetings but you will have access to our communication channel
Where: Virtual and in-person, you can join from anywhere in the world!

Check out our speakers and team members for our upcoming event!

2024 Speaker Lineup

Isabella Meadows

Ignite Your Whole Being

At 20 years old, Isabella Meadows is helping young entrepreneurs grow their business by increasing their creative energy through healthy living. Isabella is an inspiring public speaker, speaking on the topics of holistic wellbeing, creativity, and self-confidence.

Currently a senior at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, Isabella is majoring in accounting, marketing, and finance. She is the president and founder of Next Up Speakers at ASU, in partnership with the National Speakers Association, empowering college students with public speaking skills and confidence.

Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and working towards becoming a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and C.O.R.E. Dynamics Specialist, Isabella harnesses the power of language to inspire authentic living. Isabella’s advocacy for holistic well-being, self-love, and public speaking education makes her a guiding light for the next generation of leaders.

Matthew Hudson

Overcoming Adversity and Challenges

My name is Matthew Hudson and I have dwarfism. I love to play soccer, futsal, do graphic design, and be involved in student government at school. I will be presenting information on how to overcome adversity and use my personal experiences to show how I have overcome it in the past and how I am working with adversity right now in my life.

Colt Hayward

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Colt Hayward is the fifth of six children and is in seventh grade. He loves all things outdoors and loves to play any kind of sport. He loves fishing and hunting with his dad, siblings and friends. His favorite sports are volleyball and basketball. Colt values honesty and integrity. He values kindness and trust, as he has an older brother with special needs, and he understands the importance of inclusion. Colt loves to play the piano and his favorite subject is math. He is an active member of his church youth group and is a leader there. His home is full of life and noise, and Colt is a calm, steady member in his family.

D'Angelo Perez

Strength From Our Differences

My name is D’Angelo Perez and I’m a proud Arizona native, born and raised in Mesa. I am currently a Junior at ASU, majoring in Political Science while pursuing minors in Sociology and French. My ultimate ambition is to delve into the world of foreign policy and diplomacy, through non-profit organizations or the U.S. Department of State. Alongside my academic pursuits, I am profoundly passionate about helping my community, which has inspired me to become an activist and organizer dedicated to advancing racial justice and fostering interfaith harmony. Within this context, I proudly serve as a student leader within the NAACP and the Arizona Faith Network. In addition to my advocacy work, I also hold the position of president of my church’s student association on campus.

Beyond my academic and community commitments, I find joy in music, especially when it involves Latin dancing and playing the piano. Spending quality time with my family is an invaluable part of my life, and I’m endlessly curious, always searching for new knowledge and experiences.


Sofie Wycklendt

The Only Thing Holding You Back is Your Comfort Zone

Hello! My name is Sofie Wycklendt and I am a 20-year-old Undergraduate Student at the Barrett Honors College at ASU. I am studying to get my Bachelor of Science in Social and Behavioral Sciences with an Emphasis in Marital Studies, Double Minoring in Psychology and Sociology, and a Certificate in Family Communication. I hope to go all the way to a Ph.D. in Psychiatry because I believe I was born into this world to make the world a better place. I serve as Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business Senator, am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and I am a Campus Representative on Barrett’s Honors College Council. I love sharing my heart and truth with the world, there is nothing more special than that. I have found some of the most rewarding experiences of my life sharing life lessons with those around me. The beauty of life is to earn the best future through my own merit, always keep learning, and make an impact on those around me. I would be humbled to share my story in hopes of making the Phoenix Community a more connectable place!

I have previous public speaking experience as serving as the Executive Director and Founder for the 1st ever Fountain Hills High School Alumni Association. I have brought the Fountain Hills community closer through spearheading an initiative that connects alumni and current students to resources, events, and relationships that may be valuable in one’s future.

Scarlett Uribe

Event Director and Hostess

Scarlett Uribe is the director for the BestLife Talks Event. She spoke at the 2023 event on Choosing Risk Over Comfort. Currently an undergraduate student at Barrett, the Honors College at ASU, she is studying Environmental Design and has added a certificate in Sales and Marketing Essentials. She’s been working at BehaviorRx Educational Staffing for about 2 years now and is super excited to help grow the BestLife Community. 



Her hobbies include traveling, playing soccer, event planning and dancing Salsa. She is currently a part of the Training Team on the Stilo Dance Company and the Director for the Latin Sol Festival at ASU.


Ben Dodge

Mindset Matters

Ben Dodge is originally from Lancaster, California but studied at Psychology at Arizona State University and studied law at Willamette University. With a passion for cycling, he is the founder of Bike Accident Attorneys. As our keynote speaker for the 2023 BestLife Talks Event, he’s made an impact in the lives of young adults and youth by emphasizing the importance of mindset and remembering that each of us matter as individuals. 



Shane Mosley

Vision Boards and Visualizing Your Success

Shane Mosley is the CEO and founder of BehaviorRx Educational Staffing. With a passion for personal and professional development, he is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in a variety of roles. Mission critical start-up vision development, collaborator and executor. Skilled in Operations Management, Sales, and Community Engagement. Strong business development professional with a Masters in Educational Leadership and acutely focused mindset on Human Development. Highly interested in networking with individuals looking to create opportunities for youth to excel and realize and develop internal capacity. 

Favorite Quotes:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”- Aristotle

“You life does note get better by chance, it gets better by change” -Jim Rohn

“Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you become the person who can” -Will Smith

Stephen McNair-Larese

Personal Finance Planning and Success

My name is Stephen McNair-Larese and I am the Sales Team Leader at Keller Williams. I am a University of Arizona graduate where I majored in Translation and Interpretation, and minored in Teaching and Business Administration. I have a lot of experience with property management and working with investors to help them rent their homes for a profit. As our Lead Buyer’s Specialist, I have helped many people become qualified to be able to buy the house of their dreams. I also speak Spanish fluently, and enjoy helping in the community.


Check out our schedule and the activities we have planned for BestLife Talks!
*subject to change

2024 Event Outline

Check Out Our Speakers From Our Last Event!

Meet Our 2023 BestLife Speakers!

Kaden Mosley

Go the Extra hundred Miles

Scarlett Uribe

Choosing Risk Over Comfort

Lleyton Miller

Learning How to Learn

Cassie Stewart

Grit & Growth: Path to Collegiate Sports

Ben Dodge

Mindset Matters

Tyse Hipps

Diverse Cultures & Perspectives Enrich Your Life

Read our testimonials from participants, parents and presenters!

What People Are Saying

"The Professional PowerPoint Party with BehaviorRx was incredible. I loved being a part of it as much as I loved learning from the other presenters. There is no greater place I want my teenage son to be than in that room learning from so many amazing people."
Ben Dodge
Keynote Speaker
"Attending this event was life changing. My son’s perspective on himself and life in general has shifted in a more positive manner. The presenters at this event were spot on in helping my son see life in a more meaningful and growing way. My son’s confidence has grown and is now seeing his adversities as a way to grow. He now sees there is a purpose for him being born the way he was in this life. It’s amazing that these types of positive mindset conferences are available for youth. We will definitely be attending this event again."
Laurri Hudson
Student Parent
"My expectations were blown out of the water for the event held by BehaviorRx. There was a wide variety of speakers talking about different motivational topics and it was very interesting to listen to their stories. I definitely walked out of there feeling inspired and ready to get after it."
Jake Taylor
Gilbert Resident
"The Professional PowerPoint Party was the best way I could have spent my Saturday! The speakers each had much to offer. I found great value in their words as they shared their unique experiences-it was powerful! I left with a desire to do and be better! This event is for anyone that is looking to associate with others who are making a difference, using their talents and energy for good and sharing how we can all navigate the ups and downs of life and come out on top! Thanks to BehaviorRx for sponsoring such a great, worthwhile event!"
Sarah Johnson
Gilbert Resident
"The speech I gave at the professional development event was a great experience. I enjoyed hearing from everyone else that presented. It was definitely an inspirational experience not just for those listening for also for those presenting. I'm very grateful for this opportunity and I definitely learned a lot about myself. I didn't think that people would want to hear and learn from me. So I'm very grateful for that."
Tyse Hipps
Student Speaker
"The event BehaviorRx put on was AMAZING! When I left I felt very motivated to put myself out there and try new things! It was great to listen to people who had different life perspectives to offer. Everyone was very welcoming and overall I had an incredible time! I would highly recommend this event to anyone looking for some extra motivation to make big changes in their life."
Cassie Stewart
Young Adult Speaker