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BehaviorRx is seeking engaging presentations from highly motivated youth and young adults, for our upcoming annual Professional PowerPoint Party. The planning committee will review and contact presenters after their applications have been submitted.This is fantastic way to build your resume, personal and professional skillset and circle of influence!

These individuals will each present a dynamic, engaging and motivating PowerPoint/Prezi/Keynote style message to 50+ youth and a handful of adults, focused on personal events/trials, learning and lofty goals or possibly books, with the intention of raising the bar and mindset of those around them and also in pursuing excellence in themselves and their communities.

The Professional PowerPoint Party

A Learning Event for Highly Motivated Youth

Date: JANAURY 2022

Time: 7PM 
Location: BehaviorRx Office/Mesa, Arizona
Add this year’s PowerPoint Party, to take place early in 2023 to your calendars! It is focused on Leadership and Growth and Development for Youth, with 10 presenters sharing personal life stories of triumph, struggle, determination and victory over challenges. Exceptionally motivated youth, ideally ages 16-22 are invited, to attend or even present! We are also inviting younger youth (no younger than 14) IF they have an equally proven track record of excellence in grades, sports, personal relationships and/or goal setting, who are driven to be around others who also wish to pursue excellence in their lives.
If you are interested in attending, either as a presenter or a participant, please fill out an application! Should you wish to present on an event, book or transformative experience in your life, please share that in your application and how you feel it will help other youth (and adults) pursue greatness in their own lives. Your 7-9 minute presentation will be recorded, added to YouTube and posted on our website for all to see and hear your inspiring message! This is an incredibly unique opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and heighten the trajectory of your lives.
Raise the bar in your life, by being in places that matter, with people who matter and talking about things that matter: namely you and your best life! Limited space available- sign up today!
To your future success and lifetime fulfillment,
The BehaviorRx Team

Submit Your Application Today to Join Our Team of Presenters

Our Highly Motivated Speakers


How I Completed a Century Bike Ride as a 12 Year Old


Choosing Risk over Comfort


Learning How to Learn

Kaden Mosley is an 8th grader at Highland Junior High School, playing Double Bass in the school orchestra, on the 8th grade volleyball team and also playing on the Boys Victory Volleyball Club team. He has been playing piano for 4 year although he does not love it.  He is a foodie at heart, loves classic awesome guy movies (Goonies, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, etc) and 

he has a solid grasp on Spanish.
He currently wants to study business and specialize in technology.
Favorite quote: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is, today”.
Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Favorite band: Imagine Dragons

Scarlett Uribe is a Junior at Arizona State University majoring in Environmental Design with a certificate in Marketing & Sales. She enjoyed played soccer, volleyball and participating in dive during high school. Her passions lie in traveling, latin social dancing, and planning and hosting events. She is a first generation student and the oldest of 5.

She is currently involved in multiple clubs and organizations on campus including Fluent Fridays, Salsa Club, Honors Devils, her church choir and is a Barrett, the Honors College student at ASU.

Favorite quote: “Wake up on time. Be on time. Waste no time.”
Favorite book: Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Favorite Disney Movie: Moana

Lleyton Miller is a Senior at Highland High School. He loves his friends and family, and enjoys various hobbies and activities. Musically, he plays cello, piano, and also sings. Along with this, he enjoys painting, drawing, and also Architecture, which he plans on majoring in at ASU. Currently, he works as a graphic designer for architects and loves being a part of those projects. He enjoys the outdoors and loves playing sports with his friends. A runner, he also competed in the Mt. Charleston Marathon this last year. But most of all, Lleyton loves and values the opportunities he has to learn and connect with everyone he meets.


Favorite Quote: “Excuses will always be there for you, Opportunity won’t.”

Favorite Activity: Being Outdoors with Loved Ones

Favorite Song: My Universe


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