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The School Psychologist division of BehaviorRx strives to be different. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering a high level of support including professional development and leadership provided by an experienced Lead School Psychologist.

BehaviorRx Staffing School Psychologists

Our Foundational Statements


At BehaviorRx

BehaviorRx Staffing we commit to recruit and hire highly effective, experienced, and exemplary School Psychologists.


We Work

We work with districts to place School Psychologists in positions that will allow a high degree of positive impact on students, campuses, and districts.


We Provide

We provide a high level of personalized support to our employees and the districts who choose to work with us.

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What We Offer Schools and Districts

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Be a self employed professional. Focus on your jobs and not unrelated meetings/trainings. You will be receiving training and support from a seasoned School Psychologist to help you every step of the way.

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  • Competitive Pay
  • Individualized Support
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Our School Psychologists are experienced, technically sound, and highly effective. They will also be receiving support from a seasoned School Psychologist.

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Our Guiding Principles

1. Our School Psychologists are exemplary: BehaviorRx School Psychologists are experienced and primed to tackle difficult situations, guide school reform, repair faulty processes, and lead campus teams.


2. Our Leadership is exemplary: BehaviorRx School Psychologists will receive support, guidance, and supervision from an experienced School Psychologist who has been a Lead School Psychologist for over ten years. We are not owned or operated by business professionals, medical professionals, or failed educators. We are owned and operated by educators who crave the opportunity to make a tremendous positive impact in areas of need.


3. Our foundation is student centered, student focused, and ethically sound: We work for students. Nothing is more important than overall student well-being and success.